Course Description

Laura Lipp

Welcome to Flipped Learning Made easy! My name is Laura Lipp and I am the facilitator of this professional development course. I am a mathematics teacher, and a swim coach. I currently teach math at Baldwin High School. I have taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry Concepts, Modeling Our World I and II, Math Workshop, Algebra II, Algebra II honors, Algebra 3 and Trigonometry. I have my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education for grades 7 – 12 and a Master of Arts in Mathematics Education Liberal Studies. Along with nine years of teaching mathematics I have also been the Varsity Swim coach at Baldwin High School from 2009 – 2016. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz, and my Master’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook. I grew up in New York, where I did my student teaching at Beacon High School and Chester Middle School. In May 2008, right after college, I made the best decision of my life and moved to Maui. An avid swimmer (D-III All American @ SUNY New Paltz), I fell in love with the island and with teaching Math. In my free time I love being in the ocean, hiking with my dog, cooking, and spending time with my husband and twin boys.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started With Google Classroom Made Easy!

    • Getting Started With Google Classroom Made Easy! Section: 308470 (8/1/22 - 10/31/22)

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Google Classroom Code, Due Dates, and Written Feedback

  • 2

    Module one: What are the benefits of Google Classroom?

    • What is Google Classroom and its benefits?

    • Articles on Google Classroom

    • What can you put on Google Classroom?

    • Module 1 Completed!

  • 3

    Module Two: Implementing your Google Classroom

    • How can my students access my Google Classroom?

    • Creating and personalizing your own Google Classroom

    • Creating Classwork in your Google Classroom

    • Grade Transferer

    • Module 2 Completed!

  • 4

    Module Three: Assigning work through Google Classroom!

    • Adding ISTE standards into your lesson plans

    • ISTE Standards for Educators

    • Lesson 1: Customizing your Google Classroom

    • Lesson 2: Creating 3 Assignments

    • Lesson 3: Including Resources in 3 More Assignments

    • Module Three Completed!

  • 5

    Final PDE3 Course Credit Approval

    • Final PDE3 Course Credit Approval